JibWorld LLC
Robert M Darcy, chief operator
111 Bothin Rd
Fairfax CA 94930
415-456-0323 mobile
415-456-0323 land
Rob Darcy:
Freelance cameraman with major network and tour experience since 1984.
Experienced Jimmy Jib operator since 1996.
Tulip Crane camera, WWF TV Tour, 1993-95
Assistant chief engineer, ZDTV Comdex Live, Las Vegas 1999.
TechTV studio production co-ordinator from 1997-2004
Director, 'Call For Help' daily 1-hour live network television production, TechTV 2003-2004.
Member, IATSE local 16 San Francisco
Dual-national, US/Canada.
Innovative, creative and congenial.